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Faction Tracker



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About the Faction Tracker

The Faction Tracker is designed for the purpose of tracking NPC factions and their attitude toward the party. Often found in video games, the concept of score-based factions can easily be used in tabletop role playing games. It has been designed to replace pages of notes, tracking sheets, and other tracking methods such as the GM's memory.


This tool is copyright © 2009-2024 Crystal Forge Games, LLC. All rights reserved.

Using the Faction Tracker


A faction can be any individual or group that a player or party has interacted with. Generally, each person or group that a party deals with will have an attitude towards the party which may be anywhere along a range from Ally to Enemy. For factions that may be recurring over many sessions, it can be useful to keep track of a faction's outlook. This tool allows the Game Master or Players to track a multitude of factions with a simple interface.

Adding Factions

To add a faction, click the button labeled "Add a Faction" in the upper right-hand corner of the tracker. This will open the Add a Faction dialog in which you can specify faction data.

Add a Faction Dialog
  • Faction Name: The name of the faction. Names are required but do not need to be unique, though it makes differentiating them easier.
  • Type: This is the type of the faction.
    • NPC: A single non-player character.
    • Group: A group of NPCs such as a rival party or a ship's crew.
    • Organization: A large organization such as a guild or a temple.
    • Government: Countries, municipalities, militaries, or similar groups.
  • Score: A numeric value (0-100) representing the faction's outlook towards the party. A score of 0 is an enemy, and a score of 100 is an ally.

Updating Factions

To change a faction's score (and their attitude towards the party) simply click on the faction score bar. To increase the faction score, and make the faction friendlier, click anywhere on the un-filled portion of the bar. To decrease the faction, and make the faction less friendly, click anywhere on the colored portion of the bar. This will increase or decrease the faction by a value of 5 (hero and adventurer level subscribers may configure this value in the settings, (see "Settings" below).

To update a faction's information, such as setting a specific value, or to change the name or type of the faction, select "Update Faction" on the context menu (see "Context Menu" below). This will open a dialog where you can enter the new information.

Update a Faction Dialog

Most of the fields on this form are identical to the "Add a Faction" form, with the addition of the "Status" field.

  • Status: The factions's current status (enemy, angry, uneasy, amicable, friendly, or ally). This field is readonly, but will update based on the current score.

Deleting Factions

To delete a faction, select "Delete Faction" on the context menu (see "Context Menu" below). This will delete the faction and remove them from the list. This cannot be undone, to re-add a faction you will have to use the "Add a Faction" form.

Context Menu

Click on a faction's name to access the context menu. This menu has options for changing a faction's data and deleting a faction. To close this menu, select one of the options, or click the faction's name again.

Subscriber Features

If you would like the following features, please view our subscription plans.


All users can share this tool with friends via the social network links in the share dialog. Users with Adventurer and higher tier subscriptions can share a live view of their tracker with others. Anyone using the live link will be able to view the tracker as it updates but will not be able to make changes. This allows GMs to share the live tracker with their players, observers, or other GMs.

To share your tracker, select "Share" and copy the link in the dialog that appears. You can send this link to anyone you wish to view your tracker.

Saving and Loading Data

Adventurer and higher tier subscribers have their faction data saved and loaded automatically. Additionally, all paid subscribers have the ability to download or upload a saved set of factions. This makes it possible to create different lists of factions (e.g. for multiple games) and load them as you need them.

To download faction data, select "Save/Load" and click the "Save" button in the dialog that appears. You will be prompted to download a JSON file (a text file containing the current settings and data).

Note: Some browsers may not prompt for a download, in this case a new window should open with the data. In this case, you can copy and paste the data into a text file and save it as [filename].json.

To upload saved faction data, select "Save/Load" and click the "Load" button in the dialog that appears. You will be prompted to select a JSON file to upload, and the data will be loaded if the file is valid.

Note: Some browsers may not allow a client-side file upload. If this is the case, try using a more modern browser on a desktop computer.

Changing Tracker Settings

Adventurer and higher tier subscribers are able to configure various tracker settings.

Settings Form
  • Sort Key: Set the list to sort by Name or Score.
  • Sort Order: Set the faction order to Descending (default) or Ascending.
  • Increment: Set the increment value for adjusting a faction score (default: 5).

Ad Free

All paid subscribers can use the tracker without ads.