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Dice Roller


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About the Dice Roller

The Dice Roller allows users to roll virtual dice for various tabletop roleplaying games. The tool includes standard fantasy RPG dice as well as some unique sets of game-specific dice.


This tool is copyright © 2009-2022 Crystal Forge Games, LLC. All rights reserved.

D20 System™ is a registered trademark of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Chronicles of Darkness®, World of Darkness®, Vampire®, and Vampire the Masquerade® are registered trademarks of White Wolf Publishing, Inc. Legend of the Five Rings® is a registered trademark of Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. Fate™ is a trademark of Evil Hat Productions, LLC. Fudge System™ is a trademark of Grey Ghost Press, Inc.

Using the Dice Roller

Selecting a Dice Set

Use the dropdown menu in the header of the tool to switch between the available dice sets. The new set will be loaded in the tool, replacing the previous set. The history will continue to log the new rolls, as well as displaying the previous set rolls. Use the dropdown to switch back at any time.

Roll History

The "Roll History" panel shows a log of the dice rolls in the current session. Each roll shows the number of dice rolled, any modifiers, each individual die result, and the total result for the roll.

To clear the history, click on the "Clear History" button at the bottom-left of the history log. This will clear the history log for the session and any history saved on the server. If you are sharing your dice roller session, you can turn on the shared history log using the toggle at the bottom right of thie history log.

Dice Options

Each set of dice is made up of one or more individual die types. Each of these die types have a number of options that can affect the roll and these are explained below.

Target / Difficulty

Some rolls are made against a target difficulty number, with rolls meeting or surpassing this number considered a success. Sets that support this a target number will have an input at the top of the dice roller labeled "Target/Difficulty". If this field is left blank, dice will be rolled as normal, and calculated based on their values and calculation method. Enter a number in this field to enable rolling against a target number and select either "Per Roll" or "Per Die".

Per Roll: Dice are rolled and calculated as normal and the total is compared against the target.

Per Die: Each die is rolled and is counted only if it meets or exceeds the target.


Some rolls are made with different dice in a set being rolled together (such as Vampire® Normal / Hunger dice). Sets with multiple dice will have a "group" option to the left of the number of dice. Check the "group" boxes for any dice you want to roll together. When you click the "Roll" button for any grouped die, all dice that are grouped will be rolled and appear in the history. The results, however, will be totalled and displayed separately.

Number of Dice / Dice Pool

The Dice Pool is the number of a specific die type you are rolling in a single roll. In many games this is indicated by a notation such as 3d6 or 2d20, while others instruct you on how to build a dice pool. Enter the number of dice to roll in the "# Dice" input for the die you are rolling. When you click "Roll", the dice will be rolled and calculated together.

Die Type

Each set of dice uses one or more types of dice, such as a six-sided die (d6) or twenty-sided die (d20). Some sets use specific dice, such as Legend of the Five Rings'® "white" and "black" dice. This column lists the type of dice in the set. Additionally, for custom dice sets, this may be the name of an ability or weapon, as configured by the user.


Some game systems allow certain modifiers to rolls, whether it be a skill, circumstance, or difficulty modifier. If the set supports modifiers, enter a number into the "Mod" input for the selected die. The modifier (whether positive or negative) will be added to the total result for the roll or per die roll, depending on the settings for the dice set. Additive sets (where dice rolls are added together to get a final result) have the modifier added to the final result. Counter sets (where each die counts against a number of successes) have the modifier added to the die roll. If you need the modifier to be applied differently, see "Advanced Die Options" below.

Roll Dice

Click the roll button in a die row to roll that die and obtain the result. If the die is grouped with another, all grouped dice will be rolled together. The result(s) will be displayed in the "Result" input in the die row for each die rolled. The history panel will show the number and type of dice rolled, the result, and dice icons if they exist. If the dice do not have numeric values, results will only appear in the history log.

Advanced Die Options

Some dice allow for advanced options and settings per die, depending on the die type and dice set. To configure the advanced options for a roll, click the options icon (). The icon appears on the right the die row (if options are available) and opens the advanced option menu. Here are some of the advanced options that may appear:

  • Advantage: Roll 2 dice for every die and keep the higher roll
  • Disadvantage: Roll 2 dice for every die and keep the lower roll
  • Drop Highest: Specify a number of dice to drop with the highest values
  • Drop Lowest: Specify a number of dice to drop with the lowest values
  • Modifier Type: Select how the modifier is applied to the roll:
    • Per Roll - modifier is applied to the roll total after dice are rolled
    • Per Die - modifier is applied to each die as they are rolled
  • Reroll: Specify a comma separated list of numeric results to be rerolled
  • Reroll Type: Select one of the following options:
    • Additive - add a single additional roll to the total but do not reroll secondary rolls.
    • Cumulative - add rerolls to the total and continue to reroll successive dice as necessary.
    • Replacement - Reroll the die and use the new value instead of the original value.

Subscriber Features

If you would like the following features, please view our subscription plans.

Custom Dice Sets

Adventurer and higher tier subscribers may create a custom set of dice to use for their games. Users can specify the number of dice, sides for each die, unique faces, values, and calculation type. This can be used to create a set of commonly rolled dice, a set specific to a character's skills or weapons, or a unique set for a custom game.

To create a custom set of dice, click "Custom" in the menu at the bottom of the tool. Specific help regarding the options for custom dice sets are included in the Custom Dice builder.


All users can share this tool with friends via the social network links in the share dialog. Additionally, users with Adventurer and higher tier subscriptions can use a custom link to create a shared session with other users. Anyone using the link will be able to specify a display name and contribute to a shared history as dice are rolled. This allows players or GMs in different locations or playing virtually to see one another's rolls.

To share your dice roller, select "Share" and copy the link in the dialog that appears. You can send this link to anyone you wish to join your rolling session and their rolls will be shared with everyone using the link. If you are the owner of the shared session (i.e. you sent out the link), you will need to turn on "View Shared Log" beneath your history log.

Changing Dice Roller Settings

Adventurer and higher tier subscribers are able to configure various settings for the dice roller, including their preferred set of dice.

Settings Form
  • Default Set: Select a preferred dice set to be loaded initially.
  • History Order: Select whether you prefer the roll history to display as "newest first" (default) or "oldest first".
  • Saved Log Length: This is the maximum number of rolls that are saved between sessions.
  • Shared Log Refresh Rate: How often (in seconds) the server is polled for rolls by other users in a shared session.

Ad Free

All paid subscribers can use the dice roller without ads.

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