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Welcome to Crystal Forge Games

Welcome to Crystal Forge Games

For more than 30 years, we have been developing concepts, tools, and accessories for the role-playing games that we love to play. We have spent years creating art, models, campaign settings, scenarios, and even entire game systems for our games. Now that the site is live, we plan to publish these materials, develop digital tools, and offer unique gaming products to gamers everywhere.

The Known, the Unknown, and Chaos

The Known, the Unknown, and Chaos

Being a game master is a lot of work, often a lot of thankless work. We spend hours, days, and even weeks putting together adventures and content for our games, only for everything to go off the rails. Everyone is different, and while some try to plan for every contingency, others thrive on the chaos. How we react to the chaos defines who we are as game masters.

Online Tools

Dice Roller

Roll digital dice with
our online dice pool.

Campaign Calendar

Track days, moons, and
weather in the campaign.

Combat Tracker

Track combat order
while you play.

Content Generator

Generate endless random
content for your story.

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