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Twilight Dragon


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Unleash the power of the Twilight Dragon! This black dragon figurine is sure to be the star of your gaming night. With its flat-black scales, red eyes, and razor-sharp claws, this dragon will draw you into a world of fantasy and adventure. Whether you're a fan of dragons or just like to collect miniatures, the Twilight Dragon will bring your game to life!

Dragons are awe-inspiring creatures of legend and lore. With their long, sinuous bodies and huge leathery wings, dragons soar through the sky with incredible grace and power. Their imposing stature makes them both a symbol of strength and an omen of danger, yet they hold a deep wisdom that few have the privilege of beholding. A majestic presence to be reckoned with, the Twilight Dragon will surely strike terror into any player!

In 28mm scale, this dragon stands roughly 20 feet tall, with a furled wingspan of roughly 40 feet or more. The size is roughly accurate for a young adult or a smaller adult dragon. This hand-painted figure boasts midnight-black scales that seem to draw in the light, with vibrant red eyes and claws. The figurine stands about four inches tall, five inches wide, and seven inches from nose to tail.

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