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Decks of Many Friends and Foes


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The Decks of Many Friends and Foes make the perfect gift for novice and veteran Game Masters alike! An essential storytelling accessory for adding unique characters to your story. Whether they are prepared before a session or pulled in the heat of battle, each character card can trigger a unique encounter. With 49 beautifully hand-illustrated character cards at your disposal, you have dozens of friends and foes to choose from. Whether you need a friend to guide your players or a foe to give them a tough challenge, these decks offer countless possibilities for adventure.

Each character comes with their own race, alignment, history, stat archetypes, and GM Secret. These traits are only suggestions, leaving each character fully customizable to fit any GM’s needs. Each character also comes with a secret, known only to the GM, that can be used to create additional storylines for any campaign. The stats for each character are based on entries in the D&D 5E monster manual, but each comes with a unique twist.

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