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Submission Guidelines

This page describes our subission guidelines for writers and artists. Crystal Forge Games does not accept unsolicited works for publishing due to legal and copyright concerns. This is to protect ourselves as well as you and your intellectual property from copyright infringement or other potential legal hazards. If you wish to become a writer or artist for Crystal Forge Games, please use the submission guidelines below.


If you have a specific article, manuscript, or art piece that you would like us to publish: do not send it to us! Instead, follow the submission guidelines below and include a brief synopsis or description of the piece, if we are interested we will specifically request that you send it.


How We Work With Writers

We generally ask selected writers to start by writing several blog posts for the site. This allows us to get a feel for their writing style and knowledge of tabletop gaming topics. Once we know a writer is a good fit, both in style and passion for tabletop gaming, they may be selected as an author for a specific product we have planned or invited to submit product concepts that they would like to write and publish.

How to Submit a Writing Sample

We ask all writers to submit a short writing sample so that we can review your writing style. This writing sample can be in the form of an article or short story and should be around 1000 words. For best consideration, try to submit a sample of work about tabletop gaming or within the fantasy genre.

You can email your submission to with the subject: "Writing Sample: [Your Name]." This email should contain your writing sample as an attached PDF or Text file.


How We Work With Artists

We select artists based on their portfolio, art style, and availability. We may request specific pieces to be created under contract by specific artists for our image library, publications, and products. Alternatively, we may share an unpublished product with an artist and ask them to create a series of illustrations to fit the piece.

How to Submit a Portfolio

We ask all artists to submit a portfolio so that we can visually get a sense of your art style. We would like to see at least five of what you consider to be your best illustrations or paintings. For best consideration, try to select illustrations in the fantasy genre and have at least one character illustration. Color and black and white illustrations are both welcome.

If we like what we see and have an appropriate project, we’ll be in touch. We wish you the very best and look forward to seeing your work!

You can email your portfolio to with the subject: "Portfolio Submission: [Your Name]." This email should contain your name, contact information, and links to images hosted online as well as the title of each piece (if any), the original size, medium, and how long the piece took to complete. Use the sample format below for each piece in your submission:

1: [title]
Medium: [art medium]
Time: [time to complete]
Size: [Width x Height of the Original]
Link: [link to the artwork]

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting your artwork, you acknowledge that your submission does not create any relationship between you and Crystal Forge Games that is not expressed herein. Further, you acknowledge and agree that the materials contained in your submission may be identical with and/or similar to materials that Crystal Forge Games has independently developed, or that has or may come to Crystal Forge Games from other sources and you agree that you shall not be entitled to any compensation by reason of the use by Crystal Forge Games of such similar or identical material.