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Discord Invitation

We're passionate about building a community of gamers and connecting with people to talk about what we are doing at Crystal Forge Games. If you're looking for a place to hang out and chat with players, game masters, and the Crystal Forge team, you should join our Discord Server. Whether you have specific feedback, need help with something on our site, or just want to chat with us, we want to hear from you!

Benefits of Joining Our Discord

  • Chat with us and hang out, talk about your games, and the games we are currently running.
  • Ask questions or provide feedback about our tools directly to the developers.
  • Discuss our products and articles, or provide suggestions for things you'd like to see.
  • Use our voice channels to run your own virtual game, or listen in on an active game.
  • Join our Role Playing channels for some text- or voice-based RP.
  • Use our support channel to get help from the CFG Support Team.

Join Our Discord

Crystal Forge Games is based in the Eastern US and our staff are usually online Monday - Friday from 9am - 7pm EST (GMT -4).
Please be aware that participation in our Discord server is subject to our Community Guidelines.

Crystal Forge Games