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Community Guidelines

The Crystal Forge Games (CFG) community guidelines exist to support healthy and open discussion of games and gaming culture. They are intended to create an environment where we can come together as a community, play, and have fun in a safe and welcoming environment. Users of CFG websites, tools, and services are expected to adhere to these guidelines when interacting with other members or posting content on our site.

1. Always be respectful in your words and actions.

What you say and do matters; you are solely responsible for your words and actions. Words have consequences, and what we say is often as important as how we say it. Communicating with strangers on the Internet can be awkward. Try to use clear language, and think about how others will receive your comments.

Do your best to avoid knee-jerk reactions, and don’t fall into the trap of responding to a post’s tone rather than its actual content. Instead, provide reasoned counter-arguments and feedback that improve the conversation. If you disagree with someone, try to understand their motivation and point of view before responding.

2. Promote a safe and inclusive environment for all.

While sharing information and ideas helps build the community, disruptive conversations do not. This is not the place to debate real-world politics, religions, or economics. We are all gamers, and we should be able to set our personal beliefs aside to discuss the hobby we love.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech, discrimination, predatory behavior, and harassment. That includes making statements that intentionally or unintentionally insult, demean, or humiliate, whether individually or by groups. Do not bully, troll, name call, or engage in ad hominem attacks. Avoid conversations that are disruptive or otherwise violate these guidelines.

Make every effort to keep content PG-13. Do not include explicit content that is violent, sexual, or pornographic. While we generally do not mind a few curse words, be careful that they are not directed at others, and be aware that using such language can seem like an attack. Our moderators will review such content on a case-by-case basis.

3. Do not spam or endanger the community.

The safety of our members is our highest priority. We will not allow content that harms or takes advantage of the community. Content intended to scam, mislead, spam, harm, or defraud other users is not permitted. Posting content that encourages others to violate these community guidelines or our Terms of Use is prohibited.

Do not post repetitive content, clickbait, or advertisements. Do not post links intended to send users to sites that spread malicious software, try to gather personal info, or are otherwise harmful or detrimental. Links that send users to websites featuring content that violates these Community Guidelines are not allowed.

4. Help us protect the community.

If you see content that violates these guidelines, report it to a moderator or staff member, or contact us through our support page. If your content violates these guidelines, we will remove the content and notify you. Depending on the severity of the offense, we may issue a warning or temporarily suspend your account. For severe or repeat offenses, we may terminate your account.