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Mythical Creatures Collection


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Whether facing off against the deadly and chaotic Chimera, riding a griffin into battle, or being chased through a deadly maze by a raging minotaur, this set of figures has you covered. If you are playing a sea-based adventure, the young sea dragon and titan will make for an epic ocean battle.

While not created specifically for gaming, or to miniature gaming scale, these figures make for an inexpensive way to add several iconic creatures to your gaming table. 

The Mythical Creatures TOOB® contains the following 8 figures:

  • 1x Sea Dragon (Wyrmling)
  • 1x Chimera
  • 1x Griffin
  • 1x Minotaur
  • 1x Phoenix
  • 1x Unicorn
  • 1x Sea Titan / Poseidon
  • 1x Giant Mermaid

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