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Wild Animals Collection


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Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Be ready for your next druid shapeshift or random encounter with this collection of wild animals. With common creatures that can be found in several biomes, you'll always have something ready to pit against your players. And if you're a druid, shapeshift into a stealthy jaguar, a deadly crocodile, or an unstoppable rhino.

While not created specifically for gaming, or to miniature gaming scale, these figures make for an inexpensive way to add several wild animals to your gaming table. 

The Wild Animals TOOB® contains the following 12 figures:

  • 1x Lion
  • 1x Tiger
  • 1x Jaguar
  • 1x Black Bear
  • 1x Rhinoceros
  • 1x Elephant
  • 1x Hippopotamus
  • 1x Crocodile
  • 1x Gorilla
  • 1x Zebra
  • 1x Giraffe
  • 1x Camel

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