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Pocket Compendium: Tome Of Dread


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Get Your Sheet Together

RPG character sheets are a beautiful thing, making sense of tabletop madness. But once you start leveling up, adding skills, and collecting loot, your sheet starts to look mighty cramped. And when you're three floors deep in the dungeon of Vedwyn the Mad, you can't afford to forget a vital spell effect or critical item bonus.

The Tome of Dread compendium features a rich purple synthetic leather cover embossed with a skull and glyph motif, perfect for warlocks, dark wizards, and deadly assassins.

Why You'll Love It

Impose order on tabletop chaos with a Pocket Compendium. Picked up a new spell? Write down the details on a card and slide it in. Bought a shiny new magic axe? Scribble down the stats, draw a quick pic, and slide it in. Traveling with a new NPC? You've got the idea. Customize your cards, add them to your compendium, and game on. The Pocket Compendium is also fully compatible with official D&D 5th edition spell or item cards!

We are proud to carry official Stratagem brand products.


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