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Paved Roads 2D Terrain Pack


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Fight in the Streets

No two battles are the same, so why fight on the same sad road every weekend? Invest in a little urban planning with Stratagem's 2D Paved Roads wargaming accessory pack. Add to a traditional miniature wargame table for a bit of unconventional warfare. Whether bringing down the warhammer or fighting off hordes of alien mechs, you'll be ready to fight in the streets. This set comes with 16 modular street pieces: 2 6.75" square intersections, 6 12" sections of straight road, and 8 curved road sections, all stored in a handy canvas carry bag.

Why You'll Love It

Whether you're an experienced gamer looking to inject some variety into your battlefield terrain box, a model train enthusiast looking for some concrete comfort, or a young city planner with something to prove, this 16-piece terrain gets you streets ahead.

Just like our neoprene battlemats, each piece of street terrain is made of quality 2mm neoprene and sublimation printed at a crisp, high-res dpi. If you need to take your roads on the road, they pack right up into the included canvas carry case, which clips right onto backpacks, cases, and our battlemat carry case if you've got one.

We are proud to carry official Stratagem brand products.


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