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A large reptilian head rises slowly from the murky water on a long sinuous neck. Piercing red eyes glare with menace as a mouth lined with viciously sharp teeth opens in a challenge. The brave adventurers steel themselves for a dangerous fight until four more heads rise from the water. Then the fear takes over and they know they are doomed. This is no ordinary serpent or young dragon, this is a deadly hydra.

There are many legends about the hydra, such as cutting off one head causes two more to grow in its place. Whether the legends are true or not, this hydra will make for a truly terrifying encounter for your players. Five heads adorn this amethyst-colored figure, each ready to eat one of the party members.

In 28mm scale, this hydra would be nearly 60 feet long from nose to tail and stand more than 25 feet tall. This hand-painted figure is 7" long, 5" wide, and stands 5" tall. 

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