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Giant's Camp and Prehistoric Creatures


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Add a camp of hill giants to your next encounter, face off against a saber-tooth tiger, or throw a wooly mammoth into the mix. And if you create a unique encounter or stat block for the Giant Sloth, we really want to hear about it. The Doedicurus could be a new enemy for your players but also works well in place of a rust monster.

While not created specifically for gaming, or to miniature gaming scale, these figures make for an inexpensive collection of giants (compared to 25mm scale) and prehistoric creatures to add to your gaming table. 

The prehistoric life TOOB® contains the following 12 figures:

  • 1x Giant/Caveman
  • 1x Giant/Cave-Woman with Child
  • 1x Giant-scale Fire with Roasting Meat
  • 1x Woolly Mammoth
  • 1x Smilodon (Saber-tooth Tiger)
  • 1x Doedicurus
  • 1x Arsinoitherium
  • 1x Andrewsarchus
  • 1x Giant Sloth
  • 1x Macrauchenia
  • 1x Pine Tree
  • 1x Miniature Volcano

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