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Blood Hunters of Xaal


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In the heat of battle, one thing remains true above all others; if you cannot trust the warriors at your side, you are surrounded by enemies.

The Blood Hunters are an elite group of orc warriors who have forsaken their clans to dedicate themselves to hunting and punishing betrayers, deserters, and oath-breakers. They are the enforcers of the blood oath and vengeance for the broken bond.

You can easily drop this organization into your game to add additional flavor and depth to your current story. Whether your players have only heard rumors of the Hunters, seek to join them, or are hunted by them, the background can lend itself to numerous adventures and story arcs.

This faction supplement contains:

  • Descriptions of the organization, members, and their practices
  • A unique view of orcish honor
  • A fully described dungeon—The Vault of the Hunters
  • A unique magical item/relic

Author: Roger Soucy
Pages: 10
Version: 1.0

Created and published by Crystal Forge Games.

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