Game Design and Development

Welcome to Crystal Forge Games, an independent game development studio focusing on developing fully developed games as well as content, supplements, and accessories for the fantasy RPG (role playing game) genre.

Video Games & Software

Crystal Forge Games develops games and software for various platforms including iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. As a small studio, our goal is to deliver fun, story driven games in the following genres:

  • Adventure Games & Platformers
  • Classic Top-Down Style RPGs
  • Puzzle & Strategy Based Games

We also develop tools and applications for the role playing community such as:

  • Random Content Generators
  • Tools for Organization

Games & Accessories

We offer a wide range of games and game accessories crafted from select hardwoods. This includes custom-made boards and pieces for popular game classics, such as:

  • Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon
  • Hnefetafl and Nine-Men's Morris
  • Domino Sets and Letter Tiles

We also offer a line of gaming accessories for the roleplaying community, including:

  • Dice Trays and Dice Towers
  • Miniature Terrain and Templates

Gaming Supplements

With all of the various RPG systems and rulebooks on the market, switching between them can become a tedious (and expensive) process. Instead, we offer system agnostic game supplements to enhance the games you already play.

We create flavor and story based products, such as:

  • Adventure Modules
  • Campaign Settings
  • Compendiums and Collections
  • Maps and Artwork

Alphas & Betas

Sometimes we make items for the community which we choose to provide freely, or as an alpha or beta version while we develop products. Please note that items labeled (beta) may not be fully working or complete. Items labeled (alpha) are still in early development, and are likely to be very limited in functionality.

Dungen (dungeon Generator) (alpha)
A random dungeon generator, for when you need a dungeon map in a hurry.
Random Generators (alpha)
A collection of fantasy themed random generators for use in your games.
Roll20® API Scripts (beta)
A collection of game enhancement scripts for use in the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop.


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